2018 Summer Bucket List

2018 Summer Bucket List


Even though winter is my favourite time of the year i’m so excited about summer! To celebrate, I’m sharing my summer bucket list for this year. I am so ready for the cute clothes, ice cream dates and sunbathing. I love it when nights get longer and life just basically gets better. This is the first year I’m not in school anymore and am working full-time and that means I’m gonna have a summer vacation! When I was studying I would work all through summer because I did not have time to work during the school year. I hope this list gives you some ideas how to spend your summer if you’re still debating on it. 

Also feel free to share your summer bucket list in the comments!

·Decorate my new apartment

· Have roadtrip

·Go to the zoo

·Go night swimming

·Read a book

·Have a barbeque

·Sleep a night on the balcony

·Go berry picking

·Spend a day at the waterpark


The last point on the list has a bigger meaning than just ”getting fit for summer”. I’ve decided to change my whole lifestyle into a healthier one. I have always struggeled with my weight, diet and activity and now i’ve decided to put an end to all of that. I will be posting a lot of posts from that area. I really want to post a lot of healthy meal and snack ideas and also my progress during this project. So if you would be interested in reading the posts and also seeing some youtube videos from me, order my newsletter and stay tuned!



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